Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Cold Calls.. Which is better?

When businesses look to choose their preferred strategy of lead generation they have to be sure to choose the best one to invest their time, money and resources into for the most return possible. The three that we will be looking at is direct mail, email marketing and cold calls.

All three of these lead generation strategies have their perks and disadvantages but your businesses cannot afford to settle for second or third best in order to succeed in this increasingly competitive marketplace. In this article we will explore the aspects to each of these lead generation strategies and find which is the best for your business.

If You Make Cold Calls Watch This Video

In consideration of the  of the three I will weigh out the pros and cons of each of theses lead generation strategies.

Direct mail is the simple advertisement through the mail. The lead gets a physical copy of your ad along with their important documents like letters, bills and news or magazines. This tends to put your ad and the lead in a more intimate setting allowing the lead to at least glance over your adallowing for a higher likelihood of interacting with it. This is opposed to email marketing which often get deleted after reading the subject, and that’s counting on it not going into a lead’s spam folder to be ignored or immediately deleted before even being given a second or even first glance.

This study: ( shows that while email marketing is cheaper, it has a much lower response rate then direct mail marketing. Your company could possibly benefit from using email marketing from a cost, resource, and time perspective but in the long run keep in mind that other businesses are doing this as well. As business becomes more and more digital the potential lead’s email inbox is being filled with offers. These countless emails are competing for the recipient’s time and attention and the response rate keeps going down with the inception of more offers. So while email marketing is a good choice from a strictly resource based perspective, it is not going to get you the results you need for a solid customer base.

Cold calling is another option as well, it allows a lead and the sales representative to talk over what your business offers. This allows for human interaction and the possibility to shift your sales pitch for that person’s needs. Cold calling however is an arduous and costly lead generation technique that will often lead to many annoyed “nos” from potential leads who have felt their day has been interrupted by a sales call. This will also be the most expensive assuming you have a marketing department employed for the purpose of making often unsuccessful calls. The direct mail marketing again takes the cake for the most cost efficient and successful strategy for generating leads for your business. A cold call is often a nuisance costly for the business but with a mailing all you do is send and forget. If a lead wants your business they contact you on their terms ready for your assistance. An added benefit is they have a physical advertisement that can be reminder in the future in case they require your services.

In summary, I believe direct mail marketing is the best for your business in terms of resource efficiency and response rate. Direct mail is the strategy to invest in to get customers coming to YOU asking for your time as opposed to the other way around. This strategy in the end will lead to happier customers and businesses.

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